Customs: G1 Smokescreen Wheel Pin Removal

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    Oct 18, 2016
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    Hi all

    I've scoured all over the web and read many posts on pin removal using centre punch's, soldering iron's etc but I don't believe those methods will work to remove the pin holding the wheel together on G1 Smokescreen.

    I just opened my G1 Reissue after 10 years of owning it and on the second transformation the elbow has snapped (it's now completely off).

    Smokescreen 1.JPG

    So I need to disassemble the arm (it's in two halves) so I can glue the plastic back together, put the lower black arm piece back in and then reassemble. Note I've just been able to remove the Philips screw next the wheel but the arm is still being held together by the wheel. There are no other screws to remove.

    Smokescreen 2.JPG Smokescreen 3.JPG

    I've found a picture of what the pin looks like when removed from the wheel and it looks to have a thread at the end of it. It looks to me that it must screw into the larger round bit of metal shown on the other side of the shoulder. So forcing the pin out won't work.

    G1 Smokescreen wheel.jpg

    Has anyone performed this or have any suggestions please?

    Many thanks