G1 Seeker disassembly help

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    I have some G1 seekers bodies that need some cleaning before I can put accessories to them to complete them.

    The bad news is that they're somewhat dirty. In order to do a thorough cleaning, I'm trying to separate as many pieces as I can, and removed the screws...I hate buying a second hand TF and it has rusty screws.

    1. The leg
    So at this point, it's separate from the main body. I removed the nasty sticker residue. I removed the screws. Now I'm hoping to split the leg in half, the difficult part is that the thruster is in the way.

    2. The arm
    It's separate from the main body. I removed the screw and connector. Now I have to split the outer arm from the inner arm flap. Closer to the "wrist" area is a peg, while lifting the inner arm flap out it snapped :banghead: 
    Now I have a piece of peg stuck in the slot :cry  I know when I put the arm back together it won't be noticeable because of the screw keeping it together.

    My questions:

    -How do I remove the thruster without damaging anything else?

    -How do I remove the inner arm flap without it breaking?

    -Should I even bother at this point and sell the seeker to someone else and hope he/she can clean it without breaking anymore pieces?
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    Needs to be in radicons instead of toy discussion.

    Original or reissue?

    For the thruster most seekers allow you to grip and twist it off with needlenose pliers,(Grab the tip to prevent scraping and scratching)

    On the arms i use a Small flathead screwdriver and go slow around the edges.