G1 Reissues and Some 3P

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    Prices are as shipped in the US. Open to respectful offers, particularly if buying multiple pieces.

    Working on building a new sales list here...some things listed without price atm...
    Universe 2.0 Bruticus
    Universe 2.0 Overload
    Platinum Optimus Primal
    Titans Return Soundwave
    Universe Energon Snowcat (Black)
    Gentai Strafe
    5 Step RiD Megatronus
    DotM Shockwave (Voyager)
    Titans Return Wheelie
    Beast Hunters Starscream
    Transformers GO! Black Lion
    Movie Walmart Exclusive Breakaway

    TCC Transformers Collectors Club Pretender Megatron
    Perfect Effect PE Leonidas complete, unbroken, no box
    MMC Hexatron (first release)

    iGear Pipes $20 (pretty sure I have his card too)
    20191213_101036.jpg 20191213_105118.jpg
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