Minor/Repaint: G1 Nemesis Prime

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    Hello everybody, just finished up another custom last night. This one was very fun. Until I can get another G1 OP junker to replace some parts, I'm just going to call him "battle hardened". :)  Here's a quick story of his origins, taking place sometime in season 1 of the original series:

    After Optimus takes a devastating wound in battle, he is captured by the Decepticons. Presumed dead by the Autobots, Wheeljack decides he must create a new leader. He locates the schematics to Optimus and begins work on the clone. As he nears completion and begins to load in the personality data, a Decepticon attack ensues. The data becomes corrupted and the clone malfunctions and turns on his optics, loading in the personality data from what he sees around him. The clone, filled with the pure hate he just viewed, awakens and looks at Megatron and utters the word, "Nemesis". He then turns his head to Ironhide and repeats, "Nemesis". Sprouting an energon cannon from his yet-completed right arm, he opens fire on both Autobot and Decepticon alike. The Autobots and Decepticons realize they must band together for once, and they focus their attack on the evil Autobot. Escaping from the prison that held him, Optimus arrives, much to the Autobot's surprise, and fires, dealing a devastating blow to his vile doppelganger. The clone retreats into the darkness. Some say he still lives in the sewers, stalking innocent humans and robots alike from his underground den. The recent string of unsolved murders certainly supports this theory...

    Tech Specs:

    "I am Death. I am Destruction. I am Nemesis."
    Originally created by Wheeljack as a replacement for the presumed-dead Optimus, a freak accident caused Nemesis Prime to become filled with pure hatred for all around him. Despite the fact that he's technically an Autobot, he acts anything but. Cast out by both Autobot and Decepticon alike, he now lives among the rats in the cramped sewers. He only takes joy in killing, peering through manhole covers, waiting for his next unsuspecting victim to make the wrong step. Like his "brother" Optimus, has the ability to sprout an energon weapon from his right hand.

    Strength: 10
    Intelligence: 2
    Speed: 8
    Endurance: 10
    Rank: ?
    Courage: 10
    Firepower: 10
    Skill: 8

    Let me know what you guys think of him, thanks!

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