By Generation: G1/G2 Optimus Prime Smokestack Fix

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by MikeTSI, Dec 11, 2005.

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    Ok, I searched and I didn't find anything about this, though I'm sure somebody has done it before. Anyway, G1/G2 Optimus Primes are notorious for the smokestacks wanting to fall over. They have a small plastic..well, it's basically a bump, that's supposed to hold the stacks upright and not let them swivel.

    Well, like most of you know, that little plastic piece wears off in no time and then the smokestacks want to fall over. I have figured out a way to make them more sturdy than original, and it's really easy. I know, you can always use glue but I like to be creative. :) 

    Here goes:

    All you need is some 17 GA. wire nails, which you can find anywhere and a 1/16 drill bit(and a drill ofcourse). You will also need wire cutters.

    After you get the arm dissasembled, smooth off what's left of the old plastic tab and make a starter hole with an exacto knife. This is so you make sure the bit goes in in the right spot. Also, make sure the bit doesn't go in at an angle. Drill in about half way through the stack.

    It should look like this when your done:
    Next, clip the nail to the length shown in the picture below. It will fit through the hole in the center of the shoulder joint piece and the nail head will keep it from going through. BTW, you may want to have a few of these nails handy in case you cut one too short.
    Also, while your in there, bend the ends of the metal piece in like this:
    This will make the arm joints tighter.

    Then, the hardest part, put it all back together with the new pin in place.

    As you can see, the pins can barely be seen and the way the shoulder joint is made inside, the pins cannot move.
    Finally, no more floppy smokestacks. :thumb 


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