G1 FS/ Monstructor, Predaking, Jetfire

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    UPDATE Feb 11: Monstructor sold. Predaking and extra Predaking fist are pending payment. Jetfire still for sale.


    G1 stuff for SALE only (can't take trades, sorry).

    - PM or reply here are best ways to contact me... I rarely check the email account attached to this profile (it is the account I use for forums only, really). Buyers will be given my main email address at the start of the sale.

    - Paypal only please.

    - I will ship to US and Canada only.

    - I will ship by buyer's instructions... up to a point: I need the package to have tracking and/or delivery signature for my peace of mind. Insurance is up to buyer.

    - I only charge actual shipping costs, and never for packaging or handling or gas or other garbage like that. What you pay me will show up on the box, and if I get charged less I'll refund the difference. I will pack carefully and properly.

    - Look carefully at the pictures. Ask questions. These are not AFA toys, though I consider them in fairly good condition personally. What you see is what you get. I've also done my best to describe them all, but I could have mixed something up, especially those little guns for the Monterbots or something like that. Let me know if you spot anything that needs correcting!

    - I'm "optimus3355" on ebay and have a 100% @ 13 feedback there. Not huge I know, but I've been buying here and there for a while. My feedback thread here is: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/showthread.php?t=124458



    * G1 Monstructor SOLD!

    Monstructor himself is complete: Head, fists, feet, gun

    Birdbrain: Robot, gun and back
    Razorback: Robot (Full disclosure note: both hands broken. Lousy gold plastic), shell
    Icepick: Robot, back
    Wildflyr: 100%! Robot, shell (some discoloration), gun, back
    Slog: 100%! Robot, shell, gun, back
    Scowl: Robot, back

    $140 usd/cdn
    Plus actual shipping


    Predaking himself is "complete": Head, Feet, Fists, big gun.

    Individuals are not complete:
    (Metal) Razorback: No stickers. Has large cannon.
    (Metal) Divebomb: No stickers. 1 gun. Full disclosure note: Divebomb and his wings are originals, but the peg on the wings that connects them to him and to Predaking is from a KO Divebomb - just that peg.
    (Plastic) Rampage: Stickers are good, has both guns.
    (Plastic) Headstrong: No stickers, has both guns. Very loose.
    (Plastic) Tantrum: Stickers are decent.
    I have no swords for 'em. :( 

    $120 usd/cdn
    Plus actual shipping

    * Predaking RIGHT fist (extra, not from the Predaking above) SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
    $10 usd/cdn
    Plus actual shipping

    * G1 Jetfire with gun. No armor, no clip. No autobot sticker on the nose of the jet, some slight yellowing of the main jet cockpit section. But great shape overall.
    $30 usd/cdn
    Plus actual shipping

    --- Older Updates ---

    Update 2: All PMs replied to.

    Update 3: Crap. I'm an idiot and an ass. I did not talk to the wife before putting these up for sale/trade. She thought they were only going up for sale... not the trade part.

    She is VERY displeased with the "for trade" part. VERY. What she'd asked me to do was *sell* a couple to pay down our credit card debts, not to get more TFs by trading. I can't turn this into a huge fight with her - she's historically been very lenient with my TF buying but I think she's hit the limit now.

    So I'm going to have to remove the "for trade" part and simply sell them at the prices I'd listed. I am bummed about this, but looking at our account balances and credit statements (she's just showed them all to me, she handles our finances) I really can't argue. :( 

    I also feel like a total heel for having to pull the trade part. Crap. I feel like I've screwed around with people and I so didn't mean to. :(  :( 

    I've PM'd the guys with dibs on Monstructor and Predaking with an explanation and apologies, and they of course have first rights to buy. I'm waiting to hear back from them. We hadn't agreed on trades yet but had been talking about what was on the table.

    I feel like such an ass. But if I don't bring in some money for these figs I'm dead meat.

    Thanks (and can I say sorry again?)
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    PM'd as well.
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    pm sent