G1 for sale and a bunch of tech specs

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    Selling off a few more items. Shipping is extra, prices are negotiable. Paypal is fine as well as postal money order. PM or email me with what interests you. My wants list is below the long for sale list. the detailed list of the tech specs is below



    Transformers pictures by Tom-K_album - Photobucket

    G1 / G2

    Air Raid metal chest version, paint wear to chest, loose arms, has most of the top jet stickers (no autobot sign or rub sign $3

    Astrotrain comes with nothing, missing parts that flip down to make the train wheels and wings to shuttle otherwise decent shape $1

    Blitzwing no turret, right jet wing busted off, some decals present, decent joints and paint $5

    Blurr no accessories, missing arm slide covers on sides so hands show, otherwise decent $3

    Blurr Target Master complete excellent shape, missing decals $75

    Brawl G2 no accessories nice shape $5

    Bruticus complete with all large bot parts and all individual hand guns $100

    Cloudburst inner robot, loose legs $2

    Cloudburst shell and robot, nice shape, some paint wear on shell, helmet, belt and gun ,whip (whip has a broken handle, but both parts included $16

    Flywheels tank half good shape $3

    Galvatron no barrel, no gun, no clip, just bot. missing some decals and some glue residue can be seen at places electronics work $8

    Guzzle (spark a bot tank) no sparks, nice shape otherwise $5

    Kickback junker, one claw on each arm broken off, loose wings, busted antenna s $1

    Kup Target Master complete excellent shape, missing a few decals $70

    Landfill no accessories, good joints, decent decals (most present) $5

    MICROMASTERS complete set is $8 loose extras are $1.50 each unless noted

    Battle Patrol have big shot x 2, flak and sidetrack

    Battle Squad have Meltdown and Halftrack (missing part of front that attacts to other micromaster)

    Countdown lunar rover guy the other without the radar dish $4

    Erector just the truck guy x 2

    Flattop just the jet

    Greasepit just the truck x 2 (one has a busted top light)

    Off Road Patrol Highjump

    Overload just the truck

    Race Car Patrol have a complete set Extra Tailspin, Swindler, Free Wheeler

    Rescue Patrol Red Hot no ladder


    Mirage complete with two missiles and rifle, front end of car loose, some decals peeling on spoiler, previous owner painted eyes blue to match cartoon (a little off), pretty decent shape overall would rate a c8 or c8+ $40

    Nautilator no accessories good shape, decent stickers $6

    Optimus Prime junker, missing one leg but has UNBROKEN smokestacks (chrome wear) $5

    Outback complete nice joints $8

    Perceptor complete missile x 3 (but one has the back end broken off), scope with broken blue clip, gun $20

    Pounce no guns, decent joints, lots of decals, some wear $8

    Pounce #2 no guns, good joints, missing some decals, $6

    Quickmix no accessories, decals are worn in places, tight joints $6

    Rippersnapper no gun or pack, decent shape, good joints, decals are worn $4

    Rippersnapper no small gun or large gun(large gun is in the picture but now is in my parts list for trade), missing robot head! Sticker wear, tight joints $1

    Scoop (target master) no accessories, missing some stickers $6

    Seaspray nice $6

    Seawing no accessories good joints decent decals $7

    Skyhopper copter with okay decals, tight and comes with left gun, radar dish, seat, (will sell off parts, just LMK what you want) $15

    Shockwave complete, electronics work, hose is cracked in a few small places , legs a little loose $90

    Silverbolt decent, fairly tight joints, okay decals comes with nothing $5

    Sizzle (sparkabot black car) missing engine and decal $1

    Slapdash no accessories, nice shape, decent decals, tight joints $9

    Submarauder shell and inner bot, has belt $15

    Swerve nice $8

    Tic Tac (gobot combiner, red car that has the big robot head) okay shape, joints loose, decent paing $4


    Baron Von Joy complete, very nice shape $25


    Blitzwing excellent shape $4
    Bombshell excellent shape $4
    Cloudburst okay shape, edge wear $3
    Chromedome bilingual wrinkled $1.50
    Downshift nice shape $3
    Downshift nice shape $3
    Grapple good shape, sides have some stress marks $4
    Hound okay shape, has some small brown stain marks on front bottom right corner $3
    Jetfire very nice shape $8
    Kickback excellent shape $4
    Metroplex okay shape, bilingual with french, one tear on the folded interior area but could be easily with tape, $1.50
    Mirage very nice shape $4
    Onslaught nice shape $4
    Optimus Prime good shape, some scuffs here or there but not bad $4
    Prowl very nice shape $4
    Shockwave very nice $9
    Shrapnel excellent shape $4
    Swoop excellent shape $7
    Ultra Magnus very nice shape $4
    Venom good shape, scuffed on edges $2

    TEC SPECS: All of these are G1:

    Air Raid nice card, (from the giftset so no art on back) $2

    Air Strike Patrol #2 close cut on the top , overall good card $.75

    Astrotrain decent cut, good shape $2

    Barrage choppy close cut on top, close on bottom $1.50

    Blades decent cut, somewhat close on the bottom $1.50

    Blast Off cut close on left side and bottom $1

    Blitzwing cut close one spot on top and bottom otherwise nice $2

    Bluestreak bad cut on top (cut close to the red) $1

    Bomb-Burst cut close on top and bottom, wavy cuts $1.50

    Brawl cut close on top, nice card $1.50

    Brawn wavy cut on top and bottom $.75

    Bugly cut close by picture and on top, 3-4 pieces of tape through the strength and intelligence part (still clear tape, no yellowing or rips, don't ask me why they put the tape there) $.75

    Bumblebee #1 cut close on top has a couple of small pieces of tape on bottom (not ripped, just there for some reason, not noticeable) $.75

    Bumblebee #2 cut a little close in spots and top and bottom, otherwise a very nice card $2

    Buzzsaw #1 very very nice, can see dots around 90% of the card no creases or stains $2.50

    Buzzsaw #2 good cut all around, $2

    Buzzsaw #3 cut a little close on top otherwise good $1.75

    Dead End good card, cut close in spots on bottom, $2.00

    Devastator (from the giftset) dots all around and in very nice shape $6

    Dirge has dots all around and robot points, some minor waves and such $2

    Divebomb close cuts on top and bottom, nice otherwise $1.75

    Drag Strip good cut, nice $2

    Frenzy #1 dots around 85% nice card, $2

    Frenzy #2 bad cut along the bottom in a couple of spots, tape residue along the top between name and decepticon $.50

    Gnaw good cut, crease vertically in middle $1.50

    Grimlock cut close all the way around, bad cut on the bottom right, missing 1/2 of the first box on the bottom, some corner dings, spider creases $.75

    Groove dots around most of card, one place a little close on top, but not bad, nice card $1.75

    Hot Spot wavy cut on top and a little close $2

    Hound cut close on top and bottom, top has a chunk out of the top $.50

    Jazz bad cuts on top and bottom, tape vertically in words, again not needed, just there $.50

    Laserbeak good cut, very nice card $2

    Mirage dots around whole card, has tape on picture face, otherwise excellent $1.75

    Mirage #2 cut close on top and bottom in spots, rip on top left where it says Autobot on header, nice otherwise $1

    Motormaster cut close on bottom, nice otherwise $1.50

    Onslaught dots around 90% of card, nice card $2

    Pounce good cut, nice card $2

    Powerglide cut close on bottom, nice overall $1.00

    Quake #2 okay shape, good cut, has a diagonal crease across picture (top left to bottom right of pic)

    Race Car Patrol dots around 60%, very nice shape $1.50

    Ramjet dots around 80% one spot on top cut a little close, nice card otherwise $1.75

    Ravage #1 bad cut on top (to the purple box) okay everywhere else, $1

    Ravage #2 good cut, a crease in the middle (not noticeable from the front) $1.25

    Razorclaw good cut, no dots $3

    Rumble #1 excellent card, dots all around only problem is a stain spot on the very top right above the ble in rumble $1.50

    Rumble #2 good card, cut a little close on the bottom in a spot or two, crease in the middle, $1

    Rumble #3 bad cuts on top and bottom spider creases $1

    Seaspray cut close in places on top and bottom, otherwise nice $1

    Seawing cut close on bottom, nice card otherwise $2

    Shockwave cut close on top and bottom, otherwise excellent card, $5

    Sideswipe choppy cut on top and bottom, otherwise very nice $2

    Silverbolt (from the box set) good cuts, nice card $2

    Skydive (from the box set) good cuts, nice card $2

    Skywarp dots all around, very nice $3

    Slag cut close in spot s on bottom, otherwise good $1.75

    Sludge cut close on top and bottom otherwise good $2

    Soundwave #1 nice cuts all around, has one ‘dent’ in the tech area under rank section, taped on back to help fix $2

    Soundwave #2 good cut, but has a rip from the top left corner diagonally through the first word of his motto, $1

    Starscream cut close on the bottom, creased in the middle otherwise good $1

    Streetwise nice cuts, good shape, some spider creasing $1.50

    Sunstreaker close cuts on top and bottom in places decent shape $1.75

    Superion (from the gift set) very very nice shape, dots around most of the card $6

    Swindle close cuts on left side and bottom, nice shape $1.50

    Swoop excellent cut, dots around 90% $5

    Thrust good cuts, nice shape $2

    Thundercracker cut close on top and bottom, has small tear on bottom of picture (all still there, just rises up a little) $1.00

    Ultra Magnus cut close half on top and half on bottom otherwise excellent $2

    Venom nice cut, a few spider creases, small chunk of tape on 9/10 part of the scale on far right $1.50

    Vortex #1 some cuts close on top and bottom but not bad, good shape $1.50

    Vortex #2 cut close all around, some creasing, looks to have some lamination on it $.50

    Wheeljack cut close one section on bottom and right edge near the one and two $3

    Wildrider good card, cut close in spots on bottom, $1.00

    Windcharger dots all around, very nice card $1.75

    Wingspan dots around 90% small chunk of tape on picture, otherwise excellent shape $1.75

    G2 Terradive FULL CARD $2.00
    G2 Turbofire FULL CARD $2.00
    G2 Windrazor FULL CARD $2.00
    G2 Air Raid Insturctions very nice $1.00

    Machine wars Soundwave tec spec $.50




    Decepticon minibots mib
    Hosehead complete

    Getaway need engine
    Scourge need top blue torpedo thing

    Snarl G2 need green body version with gun and sword

    Action Masters: Bumblebee (need bot), Rad (just bot),

    Pretenders: Bludgeon, Bumblebee (got small gun), Skyhammer, Thunderwing, Roadblock, Groundbreaker, Splashdown (got both guns), Starscream, Longtooth, Grimlock (need bot, tail and gun??)


    Anti-Aircraft base (micromaster) need back half of micro plane (Spaceshot)
    Banzai-Tron need legs to Razor sharp
    Devastator action master need gun
    Dirge need left fist
    Drillhorn (UK rescue force) need one drill red preferably
    Finback Pretender need belt

    FORTRESS MAXIMUS NEED: headmaster Spike (got repro), mini laser rifle (got repro), laser

    Grimlock need sword
    Gutcruncher with jet need whole thing
    Hound need one missile
    Iguanus need shell, belt and wheel
    Landmine (pretender) need belt
    Longtooth need robot, shell, carrier wheels, and large gun (ionic field generator)
    Megatron action master need whole thing
    Megatron G2 (green version) need missile x 3
    Octopunch need helmet, torch gun (red) and right claw (right for the crab)
    Overlord need power master Mega (white and turquiose), ramp #2 robot right side (no peg in middle or bump)
    Overrun with helicopter just need new landing skids with good middle split peg (mine is cracked)
    Rad (action master) need main figure only
    Ramhorn need LEFT GOLD weapon
    Roadbuster need antenna
    Scorponok need fasttrack guns x 2 (to complete second)
    Snarl need sword
    Skyhigh pretender need helmet, belt and rotor to copter
    Skystalker need two gray ramps (the ones with textured lines) and the dual laser connector
    Skywarp need short bombs x 2, need long gun
    Stalker (UK exclusive) need radar dish and brown gun?? ( not the big missile)
    Starscream (action master) need missile x 1, laser cannon
    Stranglehold pretender need yellow pistol
    Tanker Tansport need back micromaster Gusher (one with the backhoe), cannon mounts x 1, and ramps x 2
    Treadshot with catgut (no gun needed)
    Vroom sidecar
    Wheeljack action master need and robot’s right hip/thigh with good black connector to knee

    Need a lot of tec specs like:

    Decoys needed:

    #21 Hoist

    #50 Frenzy
    #53 Laserbeak



    King Atlas need 4 missiles


    Wing Saber need missiles x 2
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    long over due bump

    still got lots left