G1 Figs, Parts, Junkers

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    Cleaning out some of my childhood leftovers, PM me if you see something you need or if you have any questions.

    Twin Twist gun

    Snarler r. shoulder pad

    Dragstrip vehicle gun (no connector)
    Dead-End vehicle gun (no connector)

    G1 Prime trailer ramp
    G1 Prime satellite dish

    Superion Chestpiece
    Superion l. foot
    Superion gun
    Superion head

    PM Prime PM Hi-Q
    PM Prime double barrel guns(2)

    Eject/Rewind gun(1)

    Groove side gun (1)

    Shrapnel gun

    Snarl gun
    Snarl missile (1)

    Slag gun

    Ultra Magnus trailer (missing one ramp)
    Ultra Magnus waistband
    Ultra Magnus missile launcher (1)
    Ultra Magnus sm. fists (2)
    Ultra Magnus lrg. fist (L)
    Ultra Magnus head

    Metroplex missile launcher (2)
    Metroplex double-barreled gun
    Metroplex scamper(no arms)
    Metroplex shin guard
    Metroplex tower
    Metroplex slammer (both parts)
    Metroplex small black gun (scamper/six-gun?)


    Dragstrip - sticker wear, loose $4
    Astrotrain- sticker/paint wear, loose $8
    Bumblebee- sticker wear, loose $8
    Tailgate- Sticker wear, loose $6

    Junkers pics available

    My Wants
    RI Sideswipe
    MW Prime
    Energon Dinobots
    RM Convoy
    G2 Hero Prime
    G1 Galvatron cannon mount