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    Im gunna try and do this quickly before i get cold feet and decide to keep them all,

    Here we have a list of G1 figures for sale,

    i will list next to each one - Encore, Takara book series, Hasbro commemorative reissue or the reissue KOs

    All of these figures will come brand newish in fantastic barley touched condition,

    complete with all --



    used sticker sheet,


    - THE LOT -

    I will state next to each one if they have bits missing or if i feel the boxes have surface damage or scuffs

    Just like alot of other TF fans i have carefully taken each figure out of the box, carefully transformerd them, applied the stickers correctly and then displayed - while storing the boxes safley away

    To begin with this will be a UK ONLY sales thread - but after aweek if demand is low, i will then open up to the rest of the world

    After 2 weeks the remains will be sold on ebay,

    Ive decided to try and sell these first to my fellow TF fans on tfw and full metal hero mainly because i want them all to get a good home and im sick and tired of ebay/paypal taken a slice of the pie

    The price set WILL include postage (i will send all packet out first class (and will try to send them all recorded as well)

    The prices are pretty much non-negotional Im only selling to raise fund for a house move and yes i do want quick sales but am not prepared to take a major loss - so please feel free to make a counter offer if you dont like the price but please be reasonable and DONT Low BALL me (silly offers will not get a reply) we all know what kind of value these figure have,

    and i cannot stress enough at how well looked after these figures have been,

    At the moment there are no pics avalible as im --

    1. not very good at figuring out how to do it on here

    2. dont have the spare time at the mo

    3. i can send pics to e-mail address

    4. will try to upload aload of pic onto photobucket or something

    5. at the mo e-mail is best for me

    Thanks for reading all that crap - and now onto the good stuff -

    Remember all these are 100% complete unless stated


    1. encore soundwave with encore ravage, encore lazerbeak and encore buzzsaw £85


    1. hound £50

    2. inferno £25 - no box or tech spec, also missing 2 chrome missiles but comes with a FREE ORIGINAL G1 INFERNO

    3. prowl - BOX ONLY £5


    1. bluestreak £30 (also has chrome missiles as well as the black)

    2. tracks £30 come with a FREE ORIGINAL G1 BOX (g1 box has some ware but still retains its shape - id give it 7/10

    3. skids £12 poor skids he never gets any love - very good figure tho

    KO REISSUE - all the KOs have or have had reprolables stickers applied

    i used a scaple to cut open the cardboard backing on the bubble - this way the figure can be placed back in their bubble

    1. shockwave - £50 the underside of the box has a slight fade to the colour - it was printed this way - still looks good tho

    2. insecticons all boxed £40 for the lot OR £16 each

    3. blitzwing MIB £32 very small dent in box by blitzwings name and the top of box bows out slightly - neither are a real issue tho FREE REPROLABLES STICKERS as well

    4. octane MIB £35 top of box bows in slightly - not a big problem tho FREE REPROLABLES STICKERS (these were quite expensive)

    5. springer £32 small paint chip on yellow tab on chest

    6. wheeljack £40

    7. sunstreaker £35 no missiles or yellow shoulder things - the arms have been modded to make them shorter the fist are 100% fixed - none of this hampers transformation


    1. spike unused £11

    2. sparkplug unused £12

    G1 BOXES

    1. thundercracker - pretty good box £15

    Hmmm the list doesnt sound as impressive as i thought - i do have others G1 from 84-85 that i might be tempted to sell


    1. jazz, £30

    2. trailbreaker, £35

    3. optimus prime £75

    4. megatron, £70

    5. starscream £30

    6. ironhide and ratched with 3rd party heads, £20 each or £38 together


    1. prowl, no box £35


    1. mirage, £35

    2. sideswipe, £35

    PM me for any information or pics

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    Oct 9, 2008
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