Minor/Repaint: G1 "Dark" Rodimus Prime

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by CZ Hazard, Jul 28, 2010.

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    The ONLY reason I did this was because I bought a job lot of toys on eBay and the Rodimus was in quite bad condition and I wouldn't be able to sell him on, so I stripped him down and repainted him black. [​IMG]
    I actually found it quite good fun to do, purely as I hadn't seen the "insides" of a G1 toy before, all my repaints have been contemporary figures. God, G1 is so basic! Easy toy to repaint, but shit repainted is still shit I'm afraid.

    Custom stickers are being awaited to finish him off, and I've also stripped the gun out of the trailer and I'm gonna fit a little ramp / door on the back so Legends Rodimus can sleep in the trailer. No idea why, just though it would make a change from the shitty gun base.

    He is a brick, and I'm not particularly fond of him, I'm only showing photos as I did a mass photo shoot of the last two months work and thought I'd best include him. Haven't even put the wheels back on, whoops!!! Shocking!

    I'm contemplating giving this guy the Lemmy Killmeister facial hair as an evolution from the botcon Rodimus goatee. Thoughts?

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    He'll be great with those flame decals to busy up his chest.

    I'd say go with the beard.