G1 Construct Bot Triple Changer Shockwave.

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    May 24, 2014
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    I am super impressed with construct bot Shockwave. It is a totally amazing toy.

    When I first saw it on review and pictures of it, I kinda knew it could be made into G1 style Shockwave. But it is hard to find in many places and the price have not gone down.

    Finally yesterday TRU yielded and brought it down to below $10. Grabbed a few including Shockwave with intentions to make a cbot combiner.

    But well after unboxing it, I threw the combiner idea to the back of my head. Hahaa.

    The pictures will continue the story. A bit of tweaking and part-forming here and there (just a bit and I can confirm with you that it is not bothersome at all), VIOLA, I have a G1 style shock wave and a triple change at below $10. What more can I as for. Life is good and blissful. Hope fellow cbot lover have as much fun as me.





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