G1 Combiner Limb Dimensions?

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    Howdy, all!

    So, cutting to the chase, I may or may not be working on something that may never see the light of day, but before that can be determined, I need some help collecting data!

    As odd as I'm sure it sounds, I'm looking for the Length, Height, and Width of the G1 combiner limb bots in Arm and Leg mode. I figure that at a minimum, they at least all had to be around the same height in leg mode so that they could be modular.

    As I progress with this project, I do intend on investing in my own pieces for reference, most likely Seacons, and Terrorcons, alongside the Glacialbots I have already. But, the larger the sample size I can get, the better. I'm curious to find the range of sizes the figures cover, who's widest and skinniest, and so on. So, this is why I turn to you all!

    In short, I'm looking for the Length (Front profile), Height, and Width (Side Profile) of the various G1 Scramble City Combiner Limbs, so that I have a range of the three dimensions to work within so that what I'm making will fit within the defined dimensions, and thus work with the existing teams. To help narrow the search down, I would be looking specifically for the dimensions of limbs that are known for being smaller and larger than the rest when in a limb mode. Namely, Skalor ( for arms in leg mode), Blot (upper body), Streetwise (Width in arm mode), Dragstrip, and Strafe.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope some of you might be able to help!
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    They did but had various was to cheat with collapsing and folding legs