G1, BW, and misc TFs for sale!

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    I'll be adding more later. :)  Buyer pays shipping. I accept PayPal or US postal money orders (postal only.) For PayPal purchases under $5, I ask that you pay an additional $0.50 to cover PayPal fees. No charge on purchases totalling over $5. :)  I don't have feedback on this board, but can provide good feedback from my accounts on My Little Pony forums, including for large ticket items. :) 

    Edit: I now have a feedback thread on this board, woo! http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/junkion-exchange-feedback/233506-legionmaximus.html


    Bumblebee - Original G1. Has sticker wear, otherwise good. - $5 - on hold

    Seaspray - Good condition. - $5

    Venom (Insecticon) - Missing his accessories (axe and gun.) Otherwise complete. Has a little warp/crack on the underside of his insect body (side of his robot leg.) - $20

    Ransack (Insecticon) - Missing his accessories. Otherwise good. - $15

    Bombshell - Missing his gun. Has wear on his chrome. - $10

    Shrapnel - Missing his weapon. Has wear on his chrome and some on stickers. - $10

    Reflector's flash bulb - Not a knock off, the real deal. :)  - sold

    G2 Stalker - Euro TF, I guess? Teal and maroon tank thing. No accessories - $1

    Heroes of Cybertron Skywarp - MISB - $3

    MISB 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime - He is huge and cool. I think he is the version without the DVD, at least I don't see any DVD in the packaging. - sold

    Moto-Bot - Small, sad yet amusing TF imitator from the 90s. Cheaply made. MOSC. - $1

    Beast Wars / Beast Machines

    Cheetor (non-TM) - I think this is the original Cheetor. Comes complete with "gut gun" and tail gun. Some wear on his spots. - $5

    Fox Kids TM Rattrap - He's in excellent condition. He has the tiniest nicks on his chrome in about three or four places. - $5

    Fox Kids Waspinator (non-TM) - Has gun, but missing the blue missiles that shoot out of it. In excellent condition. - $5

    TM Rattrap - Has some rubs on his chrome. Otherwise good. Comes with tail/whip. - $4

    TM Terrorsaur - Great condition, comes with wing "blades." - $5

    Skyshadow - Lizard/dragonfly fuzor. Missing one orange wing and his missile. Otherwise good. - $2

    Quickstrike - Cobra/scorpion fuzor. Great condition. - $4

    Terrorgator - Turtle/crocodile fuzor. Complete with turtle shield and tail gun. Great condition. - $4

    Noctorro #1 - Fuzor of bat and bull. Great condition. Didn't come with any accessories. - $4

    Noctorro #2 - Fuzor of bat and bull. Great condition. Didn't come with any accessories. - $4

    Air Hammer - Hammerhead shark/hawk fuzor. - $4

    Sea Clamp #1 - Part of Tripredacus (crawdad.) Complete, good condition. - sold

    Sea Clamp #2 - Part of Tripredacus (crawdad.) Missing the front part of one robot foot/crawdad fin. - $5

    Sea Clamp #3 - Part of Tripredacus (crawdad.) Missing the front part of both robot feet/crawdad fins. - $4

    Cicadon #1 - Part of Tripredacus (cicada.) Complete, has orange swords(?) that fit in wings. - sold

    Cicadon #2 - Part of Tripredacus (cicada.) Complete, has orange swords(?) that fit in wings. - $6

    Ironhide (elephant) - Part of Magnaboss (elephant.) Missing grey pipes that fit on back of ears, otherwise complete. - $6

    Silverbolt (bald eagle) - Part of Magnaboss (eagle.) Missing missiles but has sword and all other parts. - $6

    Polar Claw (polar bear) - His body is mostly more cream than white. He comes with his little bat friend (also part of his leg.) Some little nicks and marks, mostly on the underside of his beast belly/robot arms. Also paint wear on his muzzle/nose and the tips of his claws. - $7

    Airraptor - BM Dinobot. But I'll include the Japanese Mach Kick vs. Archadis box if desired. (Archadis is Airraptor's Japanese counterpart in slightly different colors. Beautiful box.) Missing one blue feather "bomb." - $6

    RiD (Robots in Disguise)

    RiD Megatron - The purple one. One of the little "wings" on the side of his robot head is missing. Also, the Predacon "crystal" in his chest has fallen out. (Okay, not really FALLEN out . . . I decided to see how hard it was to remove with a screwdriver, and then lost it.) Otherwise complete, with weapon. - $3

    Dark Scream - What could be more evil than an evil flying squirrel? Nothing, that's what. Missing his sword. Great condition. - $4

    Mirage GT - This is the yellow toy, not the small blue and white Spychanger. Complete with gun and two missiles. Great condition. - $3

    Tow-Line - Missing front grill/gun. Otherwise great. - $3


    Energon Starscream - Not the one painted to look like G1 Starscream, but the one with a darker color scheme. In great shape. Comes with both guns and both missiles. - $4

    Botcon, Japanese, and random

    Botcon 2002 exclusive CatSCAN - Repaint of Night Slash Cheetor. Has been out of the box a few times, but only transformed twice. Currently in box. Front lid of box has some crushing/wear. - sold

    MIB set of 4 superdeformed BWII figures - These don't transform, they are little plastic/rubbery figures of the characters. I think they're supposed to be pencil toppers. The figures are: LioConvoy, Starscream, BB, and squid TF (not sure of name.) Figures are mint. Each a little more than an inch tall. Box has been opened, has some wear. - $10

    Transformers with missing limbs and such:

    G1 Scourge - Alas, he has seen better days. He's missing his wings, the thing on his head and, of course, his weapons. - $2

    BM Cheetor - The one that wasn't, like, a foot long. The smaller one. Missing his beast head. - $1

    BW Grimlock - White velociraptor in Dinobot's pose. Missing tail and weapon. Missing back beast toes on one leg. - $0.75

    Terrorsaur - Non-Transmetal. This poor dinosaur. Missing almost every robot part except part of a leg. Ironically, looks fine in beast mode. - $1

    Snapper - Missing right front limb. But has his back/weapon. - $0.75

    Injector - Lionfish/hornet fuzor. Missing one robot leg as well as his gun and missile. - $0.75