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G1 and Other stuff for sale

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Red leader, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Red leader

    Red leader Nom Nom Nom

    Jul 19, 2007
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    Bonjourno! got some bits and bobs for sale, I away for the rest of the weekend so if you need pics I'll upload some mon or tues. (I'm in the uk but prices include tracked shipping to the usa)

    1) G1 Dreadwind MIB with bubble, used sticker sheet and near mint condition with nice C7 box and instructionns - $270

    2) G1 Galvatron MIB with foam and instructions, bot is C7 shape and box and foam C6.5 missing the small styro barrier $90

    3) G1 Ultra Magnus MIB complete, Plastic wheels variant, box is C6 , Bot is C7 with chromewear to the stacks $80

    4) SDCC Classics Nemesis Prime testshot (has shattered glass bumper and head with not for sale stamp on top of body) all accessories and fully painted $70.00

    5) BT Ravage MISB - $70

    6) Bristleback MOSC - Card and bubble C8 shape - $95

    7) G2 Stormtrooper Drench 100% comp C8 $30

    8) Jetfire armour and gun with foam tray and tech spec, no damage to the armour, foam has edgewear and ridging but no missing pieces - $75

    9) Galvatron Loose 100% complete with cannon / mount and gun $47

    10) Original G1 Optimus Prime 99% comp (missing gas nozzle) foam, box, instrucs included ( all original) bot is in good condition with no damage, good joints and some chromewear to the stacks also general moderate stickerwear - $125.00

    11) TRU Reissue Optimus Prime 100% comp MIB display only, box is C7 with some edgewear, bot is mint - $75

    12) TFC01 jazz MIB display only, applied sticks, bot is mint, box is C7.5 - 8 $65.00

    13) Kiss Players Rodimus and Syao Syao MISB with cellophane outer, near mint $225

    14) BT 10 Grimlock MISB which is C7.5 $95.00

    15) BT-15 Prowl MIB displayed only, toy is mint, all paperwork, box is C6 due to a small crack in the box window $100.00

    16) MP-03 original takara starscream MIB 100% comp, box is approx C8 shape, bot is display only but has a tiny warp on the pointed end of the tailfin, its a weird factory error which doesnt make a difference as its so small but needs mentioning. - $130.00

    Cheers peeps!