FT-28 Hydra (details)

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    I analyzed in detail the photos of Hydra in its various modes, and I found some details that do not convince me! The wolf is the simbol mode of Sixshot (the most important along with the robot), and in my opinion the FT designers could avoid copying too much in the structure of the original cell Headmaster, since it is represented stocky and short legs (keep in mind that this basic design of the wolf, was used only in the first appearances of Sixshot in the Headmasters series, then it was drawn with a more slender-legged structure with a more dynamic line). The FT designers they did the hind legs of the wolf using only the lower section of the robot's legs, where by moving a small vertical panel at the side of the foot, rotate the two front sections of the legs, hiding the feet of the robot and place in out the claws! After removing the block of the side panel, the leg bends forward a few degrees due to a central pivot, thus mimicking the shape of a beast paw. The robot thighs are rotated laterally by 90°, so that the double joint of the knees moves the legs laterally, given that the thighs become the rear of the body of the wolf, where then the front panel of the "pant" of the robot, is fore going to cover the space between the thighs! The arms of the robot complete the work, with the top big and smaller forearms section... detail that accentuates the structure stocky and short legs. Only for the gun mode, the FT designers have realized the robot's wings with a central pin for bending the two ends towards the inside, so as to join the wings forming an internal reinforcement, shortening the handle; this detail I do not like, because if these pins break or weaken, ruin the aesthetics of the other modes, because the wings are no longer straight! Of the tank mode, I want to put in evidence the detail of tracks, which are of little thick side panels in G1 toy style; of which that of the arm is already in position, and in the other mode is hidden by a skirt, while that of the forearm is positioned with a swivel arm (in other mode it is hidden in the big arm). Another detail, which can pleasure or not, and that on the front of the tank hull, is in evidence all the wolf head inside a transparent plastic cabin. In four modes, wolf, tank, airplane and gun, forearm wheels are hidden inside the big arm, with the help of the swivel arm. Other details I did not put in the picture because they are already very evident (for example, the wolf claws bent over his forearms)... I prefer to unravel inconspicuous details.

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    Wow, this is a fascinating analysis, but did you just use Algerian font for informational text?
    Seriously, don't do that.

    Algerian Font, a burning hate
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