FS: Transformers Autobot & Destron Laserdisc box sets

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    Thought this would be the best place to offer these two rare LD boxsets before I post them up on eBay.

    These are gathering dust in my ld collection so better to go to a good home who will appreciate them more than I.

    These are the Pioneer ld boxsets from late '98 / early '99 respectively. They are both complete, with all extras.
    The discs in the Destron set are still factory sealed, except the first disc set which I opened. The Autobot discs are all opened with minimal playtime. Both sets have their OBI's.

    Please bear in mind that these sets are Japanese language only. There are no English subtitles and no dub tracks on the discs.
    The transfers are gorgeous, on the right set up they look every bit as good as the later DVD releases.
    Both sets are in great condition with all LD's, bookets and CD's respectively.

    £185 per set plus shipping or £350 plus shipping for both sets - REMEMBER these sets are very heavy. Shipping is from the UK.

    Additional photos available on request.