FS: RiD Optimus and Ultra Magnus, Gaogaigar King J-Der PVC figure

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    Aug 9, 2005
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    Hi Everyone,

    Well, like Darkravager, I too am engaged! In order to help finance the wedding, I have several pieces for sale:

    The first is a Robots in Disguise series Optimus Prime who is mint in an unopened box. The box is a little smooshed due to moving several times in the past 5 years but is in otherwise good condition. $20

    I also have a Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus. He is also mint in an unopened box. The box too has endured the smooshed-ness of being moved frequently, but is still in nice condition. $20

    Straight from Japan I have a character from the Gaogaigar series, a PVC figure of King J-Der. The box has been opened, but the figure is mint and comes unassembled.

    Please let me know if you're interested. Send a PM or email and I will send pictures of the products above. I will accept Paypal and U.S. or international money orders. No checks or cash please. Buyer is responsible for shipping.