FS: Random TFs (G1 DVD set, toys), Gundam models, Voltron, Spawn

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    Hey Guys!

    I'm selling off the last of my toys! I haven't priced anything out yet, this is more of an exploratory post. Here are the pics :) 

    Things to note:
    • DVD set is $60 shipped to anywhere in the continental US. It's boxed and ready to go.
    • I need to take better pics of Omega Prime; it's may favorite and will be the most expensive.
    • That spawn figure is large and will likely be expensive to ship -- I'll let it go for 30% percentage above shipping cost if anybody is seriously interested.
    • Gundam models (with the exception of the large one) are fragile, I'm willing to part with them in multiples rather than singular for easier shipping. Again, 30% on top of actual shipping charge.
    • Voltron is the re-release from the early 90's, NOT the original from back in the day.
    I also have a bunch of spider man figures if anybody is interested in those. I've been trying to sell them for eons, so if anybody is willing to take them all (or most), I'll charge 30% on top of actual shipping cost for the whole lot.

    I'll take paypal (sent as a gift, if you don't mind) as well as BTC/LTC (bitcoins & litecoins). I have some feedback on here as well as on ebay, if you'd like.

    PM me with your shipping info and I'll take some better pics of whatever you want and give you a total.

    Peace & Yummy Turkey Day! (or whatever you want to eat day)