FS: Nearly complete TF:Animated collection

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    Jul 5, 2008
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    Just wondering if anybody is interested in a nearly complete TF: Animated collection... This is missing some fringe characters, but all the main cast are here. Everything is loose, but in excellent display only condition and complete with all accessories. Most also come with instructions.

    If anybody's interested in a "ready made" TF:Animated collection, PM me! I'd also be willing to split this up into smaller lots if you are looking for a group of these. Just let me know!

    Optimus Prime voyager
    Bumblebee deluxe
    Ratchet deluxe
    Bulkhead leader
    Prowl deluxe

    Grimlock voyager
    Snarl deluxe
    Swoop deluxe

    Wreck-Gar voyager

    Ultra Magnus leader
    Sentinel Prime deluxe
    Blurr deluxe
    Jazz deluxe
    Arcee deluxe
    Rodimus Prime deluxe
    Ironhide deluxe
    Longarm voyager

    Megagron leader
    Starscream voyager
    Lugnut voyager
    Blitzwing voyager
    Blackarachnia deluxe
    Shockwave (purple Target exclusive) voyager

    Lockdown deluxe
    Soundwave deluxe
    Waspinator deluxe
    Swindle deluxe

    In total, that's 27 figures;
    3 Leaders
    8 Voyagers
    16 Deluxes