FS: MISB Gigapower Gutter HQ-03R Chrome Edition

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    MISB Gigapower Gutter HQ-03R Chrome Edition. As you can see from the picture, I purchased this from ShowZStore. In the summer of 2020 I wasn't sure if it would ever get reissued, so I ended up buying one on ebay for about $400 or so. At about the same time, it was up for preorder again at ShowZStore, but I wasn't sure it really would get reissued because of the pandemic and everything else going on. I never canceled my preordered and low-and-behold it did come out. I couldn't cancel it for a refund, so I took delivery of it. If I hold on to it for awhile, i'm sure the value will easily pass $300 or more again, but I would rather recoup what I can. I'm looking for $225 plus shipping (the box comes right in at 5 lbs on the dot).

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