FS: Large Roadbots, Brave/GaoGaiGar KOs, RiD Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime

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    I figured I should get around to selling some of the items that no longer hold my interest.

    Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime - sold as a set.

    I probably have the boxes if there's interest.
    Both figures to some degree have the "split tires" problem that was common for these figures.
    Prime has 2 of the 4 missiles.
    Magnus has 0 of the 2 missiles. Otherwise complete.

    Everything below is loose/no packaging or instructions. I think they are complete but have no way of knowing for sure.

    Roadbots 1:18 scale (very large), $25 each plus shipping

    Toyota Land Cruiser - grey

    This one is in decent shape, but somewhat loose.

    Hummer H3

    Good shape, tight joints.

    Brave/GaoGaiGar KO Rairyu & Fuuryu, $15 each plus shipping

    These are high-quality KO versions of these guys:

    GekiRyuJin (RaiRyu & FuuRyu) | CollectionDX

    However, in my set the cement mixer is actually grey instead of green.

    Great shape.