FS: Henkei Onslaught/AM Skywarp/FP clear Protector/ehobby Kup/united Decepticon set

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    Aug 12, 2011
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    Selling these figures. Prices are for gift payment or add 4% for fees.
    I can ship a deluxe first class mail for only $3

    WANT First FIRST edition Prime voyager Optimus Prime as well as regular FE cliffjumper will also trade for 2nd release 1st edition optimus voyager

    Also looking for someone to go in with a purchase for the ASIA exclusive Seeker and Coneheads sets from TFSource
    If we both purchase a set we can both save $20


    3x DR WU Prime Sword DW-TP05 - purple stone - new - $12 each = $38 shipped for all 3

    Prime Robots in Disguise deluxe RUMBLE - loose complete - $15

    Takara Henkei Universe Ultra class ONSLAUGHT - new in box has dent on top corner - $65
    Prime Robots in disguise Hot Shot = $14 shipped for hot shot or $20 shipped for both him and cliffjumper
    Fansproject Clear protector TFX-04C plus Sons of Cybetron box set - opened complete - $125
    Prime arms Micron Skywarp - $35
    Prime Robots in Disguise Kup - complete like new - $15
    E-Hobby / United Autobot Battle Damaged Kup - complete like new - $32
    Transformers United E-hobby Decepticon Box set - new in box (crease on top left corner) - $80
    Takara United G2 Tank Megatron - $25
    MSG Chainsaw - loose complete = $7
    Shadow Arms Micron BALO = starscream micron - like new - $7

    Masters of the Universe CLASSICS!
    New in box Filmation Randor $22
    New in box Dekker $22
    loose complete Count Marzo $20