FS G1 lot Prime, Megatron, Whirl, Pretenders and more!!

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    Lot $500 shipped in the US or best offer!!

    Hey all, selling a lot of G1 Transformers. These are toys that were part of my collection that I have multiples of. They are in really good condition but some may have some signs of play/wear but it's all minor stuff. A lot of them include accessories but very few are 100% complete. No broken parts and nice joints on all. I'm a fairly picky collector so these all passed my test to be on my shelf. Megatron has a makeshift orange plug in case I sell this lot on EBay. I'd like to sell as a lot for $500 shipped or best offer but if enough people ask I may sell some individually. I will list some things about the figures below

    Prime-missing tube and gas filler end
    Megatron-missing gun stock end
    Both Pretenders are missing inner robots
    Soundwave missing both cannons
    Whirl missing large gun/missile launcher
    Constructions missing small guns
    No parts for Ironhide and Ratchet
    Grimlock missing sword
    Mirage no gun or missiles
    Hungrrr missing gun and head for Abominus
    Rodimus missing blast shield

    Please ask any questions or don't hesitate to ask for more photos if needed.