FS/FT: Several Mint Classics/Universe/Generations Bots

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    All bots are mint and complete with all accessories and instructions. Happy to snap photos for anything you're interested in. Shipping is at cost via USPS. Feel free to make an offer on multiple figures.

    Universe Prowl - $13
    Generations Wheeljack - $13
    Generations Scourge - $10
    Generations Kup - $10
    Classics/RID Jetfire (Voyager size) - $25
    Classics/RID Starscream (first version) - $20
    Generations Thundercracker - $15
    Classics Skywarp - $25

    Just Added Books:
    Transformers Identification and Price Guide by Mark Bellomo - $45
    The Ultimate Guide to GI Joe by Mark Bellomo - $30
    "Transformers First Series Complete" (printed in Japan) - $25

    Trades I'd Consider (+/- cash where applicable):
    -Nice condition G1 Whirl
    -Ovelon Gazette
    -G1 Sandstorm
    -Generations Nemesis Prime w/ Spinister (or just Spinister)
    -Kreo Spinister
    -G1 Vortex
    -G1 Jazz Reissue
    -Combiner Wars Wheeljack
    -Animated Activators Megatron
    -Gobots Night Fright
    -G1 Blades
    -Gobots Flip Top
    -Universe/Classic Minicon Jolt
    -Marvel Spiderman Helicopter
    -Gun Robo 44 Magnum
    -Masterpiece Prowl
    -Masterpiece Smokescreen
    -Combiner Wars Cyclonus
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