FS:13 BW figures

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    Jul 31, 2005
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    Japanese BW II D-31 boxed $6
    Transmetals Spittor MOSC $7
    Retrax loose $5
    Manterror loose $5
    Armordillo loose $3
    Transmetals Cheetor $5
    Optimal Optimus never removed from box $18
    Transmetals Airazor loose $5
    Tripredacus loose $10
    Airhammer loose $4
    Happymeal BM Rattrap $2
    Magmatron(US)plyed with and put back in box $12
    Inferno played with and put back in box,box is damaged $8

    These figures come with bio and tech specs:Airhammer and Armordillo
    These figures come with their backing cards:Cheetor and Airrazor
    Tripredacus has its bio and tech specs and instructions

    Wanted:Marvel Legends,Transformers PVCs,Masked Rider,Godzilla,McFarlane Toys Movie Maniacs Jason X.Email [email protected]