Fan Art: From Life To Paper

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    Hey everyone,
    So I decided to really expand my hopes to having a bit of a side job related to art, I figured I would like to start up a small little business here on tfw2005.

    Now I've never drawn much in terms of Transformers before, and I'll admit it right now, I can't do vehicles. If you'd like a vehicle to be drawn, then I'll have to ask you head off to someone else. Now with that said, I am going to be learning as I do requests for actual figure pictures. Heres what I'll do;

    1) I'll do either an official character, a fanmade character of yours(please describe it) or a fanmade character of someone elses, if you'd like, though I'd like to see proof of permission to draw their design if you are requesting that.
    2) I can do it in any materials you'd like. Ink, graphite, whatever, ou pick it I'll do it. Please note at this moment I do NOT do photoshop drawings, I do not yet have a pad for my computer.
    3)However you'd like it to be sent, that's how I'll do it. I can scan it, or I can send it via mail(though for that, you'll have to pay shipping) So you pick.
    4) As proof, I take a picture of the drawing. And I WILL REDO/AMEND. If you see something you don't like, tell me, and I'll fix it. If I can't fix it, I'll redo it. This is for you, the customer, and I will bring to as close of the perfection you want it as I can.

    -Honestly, When you request it, you tell me the range you want to look at. I know I'm not a big name artist, so I won't overcharge you. I'm simply asking you don't try to offer a ridiculously low price, as I wouldn't like to be offended.(I mean, offering me 1$ is a dick move, yes?)
    -Money will be requested as of the picture proof. The picture will be watermarked until payment so it is not stolen beforehand.

    Never sold art before, but as a sign of my trust and honesty, here is my current Trade feedback;

    Examples of my work;

    As I said I don't have any transformers drawings on file, but as soon as I start doing requests, I'll be putting them up immediately.

    Only two examples for now, I'm currently setting up a deviant art so I can scan these and get them up as well as other work(and the transformers I'm curently working on drawing right now) So hey, give it a try, send me a request and we can get to work. I'll be happy to help out and get you the drawing you want, and this'll be a great experience for me as well.

    Have a good day,