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    I just thought I'd throw in links for a couple of pieces of image editing software. Some people don't have the funds for the likes of [Adobe] Photoshop, so lower-budget software is always a bonus . . . and what better price is there than free?

    So I present Artweaver and the GIMP.


    Artweaver is a freeware program created by one Boris Eyrich. The creator updates frequently with new features and fixes, and the website is equipped with a forum so you can get extra tips from other users, as well as provide your own feedback and suggestions. Several users often share their own home-made brushes and filters that you can install for your own use, too. [It's well] worth downloading a copy to try out.


    GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is mostly designed for image editing, but is also a decent painting program in its own right. I can't tell you too much about this one; I don't often use it since personally I don't get on too well with the user interface, but I know many people swear by it. You'll never know 'less you give it a go . . . .

    (To help Ramrider further expound on a general description of GIMP, this is quoted here from

    source: GIMP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~Sq7)

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