Free MP Skywarp with XBox 360 Bundle

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    I know, it's weak, but hey, I'm desperate. This console is only a few months old, so it's still very much under warranty.
    So here's what's in the bundle:

    Xbox 360 Console (256 MB internal memory) with all necessary cables
    20 GB Hard Drive
    Xbox LIVE WiFi antenna (wireless adapter)
    Extra set of composite A/V cables (in case you have an HDTV)
    Black "Elite" Controller
    Xbox LIVE headset
    Guitar Hero III
    2 Guitar controllers - 1 wireless, 1 not.
    Interchangeable faceplate set including all 32 NFL teams. Original white faceplate is also included.

    And of course, Masterpiece Skywarp!

    I'm asking $330 shipped. PayPal is highly preferred, but I can be flexible.
    I know it may sound steep, but look at the list again, and think about shipping costs for all that. The Xbox will be shipped in its original box. The guitars are a little trickier.

    I'll also do local pickup if you want for $300.

    Thanks for looking!

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