Four Million Years Later!

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    Hey gang, my buddy Jerzy Drozd and I are TF fans since 1984, and we have a new TRANSFORMERS podcast called FOUR MILLION YEARS LATER finally hitting most Podcatchers now. Episodes are being released *DAILY* in November as a crossover with Jerzy's podcast THUNDER PUNCH DAILY, though I wont be on the cast until DECEMBER, when it becomes weekly. Every day in November, Jerzy is talking for 10-20 minutes about a Transformers character he loves. Then in December, I come on board and we talk about each and every episode of the original G1 animated series (hopefully) weekly. So if that sounds like something you'd enjoy, we'd love to have you. We kept running into podcasts on the original TF toon that weren't done by big nerds like us, so we thought we should do our own. If you ever found yourself wondering why Reflector is 3 robots who form one of the smallest alt modes, or wondering how being a minivan reflects Ironhide's character, I think our podcast might be for you.

    Thanks! Hope you enjoy!