Forget-Me-Not (or, "When Shattered Glass Rung is your therapist")

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    Hey guys, I was thinking about Shattered Glass Rung. What would he be like? How would he fit in to the Autobot army? How would his fellow Autobots feel about this scrawny teammate? And then I started a fic about it. ;) 

    (BTW I started this fic before reading the final issues of Lost Light that revealed Rung's origins etc so, uh . . . those plot points aren't going to come up in the story. Rung is just A Guy in this.)

    Rating: PG
    Characters: Rung, Deadlock/Drift, Prowl, Jazz, others to come :) 

    Link: Forget-Me-Not - Chapter 1 - blueskyscribe - Transformers - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

    Thank you! :)