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    Nov 2, 2005
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    I'm a moderator over at and have plenty of references there and on yojoe. If you are interested in trading please p

    Accessories I have for trade:

    Optimus Prime 1 fist, 2 missiles and gun (glued together)
    Inferno 1 fist, 4 missiles
    Jazz 3 missiles, 1 unbroken part of launcher
    Camshaft 2 missiles and gun
    Frenzy - Rumble 3 guns
    Wheeljack 1 missile
    Roadbuster 1 missile
    First Aid Big gun
    Hot Rod 1 gun (the smallest)
    Ratchet - Ironhide 2 missiles
    Slag 3 missiles
    Hound 1 missile
    Bluestreak - Prowl - Smokescreen 3 missiles, 1 unbroken part of launcher



    Soundwave 2 missiles and 2 cannons/batteries
    Thundercracker 2 small blue missiles &
    nose wheel
    Dirge Nose wheel, 1 bomb
    Thrust Nose wheel, 2 fists, 2 launchers, 2 red missiles, 2 small red missiles
    Ironhide - Ratchet 1 red peg & 1 white peg to mount canon
    Mirage 2 back wheels, gun and launcher
    Sunstreaker 1 yellow shoulder cannon (the bigger one)
    Omega Supreme: need al white tracks
    Jazz: one unbroken roof (with window attached and unbroken of course)
    Devastator: the launcher that goes on his right arm (if you where the bot)