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    Here's what I have to trade :

    -Generations voyager Rhinox MISB
    -Generations voyager Sandstorm MISB
    -Generations voyager Blitzwing MISB
    -Generations voyager Springer MISB
    -Generations voyager Roadbuster MISB
    -Generations deluxe Windblade MOSC
    -Generations TAKARA scout Backstop MOSC
    -Beast Hunters Prime Shockwave MISB
    -CW legends Powerglide MOSC
    -CW legends Warpath MOSC
    -CW legends Viper MOSC
    -CW voyager Cyclonus MISB
    -CW leader Skywarp MISB
    -CW titan Devastator MISB
    -FOC deluxe Shockwave MOSC
    -FOC deluxe Kickback MOSC
    -Machine Wars Starscream MISB
    -Universe Springer vs Ratbat MISB
    -Masterpiece TRU Prowl MISB
    -ROTF deluxe Twins Ice Cream Truck MOSC
    -TR leader PM Optimus Prime MISB
    -TR voyager Sentinel Prime MISB
    -TR voyager Galvatron MISB
    -TR legend Wheelie MOSC
    -Prime Optimus Maximus MISB
    -Prime voyager Starscream MISB
    -Prime voyager Dreadwing MISB
    -Prime deluxe Dead End MOSC
    -Prime deluxe Airachnid MOSC
    -AOE deluxe Slug
    -Heroes of Cybertron Megatron MOSC
    -Heroes of Cybertron Powermaster Optimus Prime Apex Armor MOSC
    -Heroes of Cybertron Powermaster Optimus Prime Spark Attack MOSC

    Looking to buy/trade for the following RID and Armada PARTS:

    -RID (Firetruck) Optimus 2 back tires (or whole leg)
    -Transformers Beast Wars Neo Starscream and BB (x2) yellow missiles under wing (Gen 2 Dreadwing basically)

    Here's what I want to buy/trade for (MISB/MOSC only):
    -Henkei Classics - Decepticon Specialists - Galvatron, Octane, Astrotrain 3-Pack
    -TRU Masterpiece Starscream
    -Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron (can be opened and complete)****
    -Masterpiece MP-09 Rodimus Convoy
    -Masterpiece MP-11 Starscream w/ coronation set
    -Masterpiece MP-11SW Skywarp
    -Masterpiece MP-12 Sideswipe
    -Masterpiece MP-13B Soundblaster
    -Masterpiece MP-27 Ironhide
    -Masterpiece MP-28 Hot Rodimus 2.0
    -Masterpiece MP-30 Ratchet
    -Takara Encore #2 Megatron
    -Takara Encore #3 Soundwave
    -Takara Encore #4 Starscream
    -Takara Encore #23 Fortress Maximus
    -Hybrid THS-02 Opimus Prime (Takara)
    -Takara G1 Reissue Book 00 Convoy
    -Takara G1 Reissue Book 18 Soundblaster
    -Takara G1 Reissue Book 19 Perceptor
    -Takara G1 Reissue Jafcon Black Optimus Prime
    -Takara G1 Reissue Jafcon Black Megatron
    -Takara UNITE Warriors Devastator
    -CW voyager Sky Lynx
    -Takara Reissue C-372 Starconvoy
    -Takara Chronicle Ch-02
    -Alternity Transformers X Super GT-03 GTR Megatron
    -Platinum Year of the Horse - Starscream
    -Platinum Blaster/Perceptor
    -E-HOBBY G1 Takara Galvatron reissue
    -E-HOBBY G1 Takara Megatron Black Version
    -E-HOBBY G1 Takara Blitzwing Black Version
    -ROTF 2 Pack Optimus and Jetfire Leader Class
    -ROTF Leader Nightmare Megatron Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive (Takara)
    -AOE Deluxe Dino
    -AOE Voyager Devastator
    -AOE Deluxe Dispensor
    -AOE Deluxe Dark Soundwave
    -Titanium Soundwave 6"
    -Titanium Ultra Magnus 6”
    -G1 Reflector Reissue
    -Energon Landquake
    -Prime Jet Vehicon

    3rd Party
    -KM-01 Knight Morpher Commander
    -KM-02 Knight Morpher Annihilator
    -KM-01X Knight Morpher Commander Limited
    -KM-03 Knight Morpher Cyclops - with Bonus Mini Sub
    -KM-05 Knight Morpher Screecher

    -Optimus Prime (non Laser)
    -Scourge (Toys R Us)
    -Megatron (green tank)
    -Ransack (Rotorbot)