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    Hi, i have collecting of Transformers toys for sale. Will sell one by one or the collecting in one go.

    Photos and Prices, PM me on [email protected], I don't come on here often

    Box 1

    • Transformers Universe Robot Heroes
    o Blaster & Thrust
    o Sunstreaker & Galvatron
    o Arcee & Rumble
    o Ironhide & Kickback
    o Hound & Blitzwing
    o Cheator & Blackarachnia
    o Silverbolt & Megatron
    o Optimus Primal & Predacon Tarantulas
    o Rhinox & Waspanator
    o Rattrap & Megatron

    • Transformers Movie Robot Heroes
    o Bumblebee & Starscream
    o Jazz & Frenzy
    o Jazz & Megatron
    o Ratchet & Megatron
    o Optimus Prime & Scorponok
    o Ironhide & Dispensor
    o Bumblebee & Barricade
    o Optimus Prime & Blackout
    o Optimus Prime & Barricade
    o Jazz & Brawl

    • Transformers Movie Legends Collection
    o Starscream
    o Barricade
    o Blackout
    o Megatron
    o Bumblebee
    o Jazz
    o Optimus Prime
    o Ratchet

    • Transformers Generations Legends Collection (Free Animated characters)
    o Red Alert x 2
    o Starscream x 2
    o Onslaught x2
    o Hound
    o Jazz
    o Megatron
    o Optimus Prime (Animated)
    o Prowl (Animated)
    o Bumble bee (Animated)

    • Transformers Titanium Movie Collection
    o Optimus Prime
    o Megatron
    o Bumblebee
    o Jazz
    o Ironhide
    o Blackout

    Box 2

    • Transformers Movie Cyber Slammers Collection
    o Bumblebee
    o Optimus Prime
    o Barricade
    o Brawl
    o Ratchet

    • Transformers Movie Battle for the Allspark Collection
    o Boxed set

    Box 4

    • Transformers Movie Robot Replicas Collection
    o Bumblebee
    o Jazz
    o Barricade
    o Optimus Prime
    o Frenzy
    o Megatron

    • Transformers Movie Fast Action Battlers Collection
    o Ironhide
    o Megatron
    o Optimus Prime
    o Bumblebee
    o Ironhide (Grey)
    o Ratchet
    o Frenzy
    o Bumblebee (New)
    o Megatron (Black)
    o Ramjet
    o Brawl (Desert)
    o Blackout
    o Brawl
    o Starscream
    o Optimus Prime (G1 Colours)
    o Ratchet (White)
    o Smokescrean
    o Jazz

    Box 6

    • Transformers Leader for the ages Collection
    o Optimus Prime

    • Transformers Movie Triple Pack Collection
    o Jazz, Bonecrusher & Brawl

    • Transformers Movie Leader Collection
    o Megatron
    o Ratchet

    • Transformers Movie Collection
    o Decepticon Desert Attack

    Box 7

    • Transformers Movie Battle Scenes Collection
    o Desert Attack
    o First Encounter
    o Capture of Bumblebee
    o Final Stand

    • Transformers Movie Evolution of a Hero
    o Bumblebee 2 pack x 2

    Box 8

    • Limited Edition HDDVD Starscream
    o Jap DVD
    o Starscream

    • Voyager Class
    o Blackout
    o Optimus Prime
    o Ratchet x2
    o Starscream (G1)
    o Blackout
    o Ironhide
    o Starscream
    o Thundercracker x2
    o Rescue Ratchet
    o Megatron

    • Premium Series Metallic Edition
    o Ironhide
    o Blackout

    • Transformers Movie Allspark Power Collection
    o Optimus Prime
    o Incinerator (Jap)
    o Offroad Ironhide
    o Incenerator
    o Mudflap
    o Evac
    o Inferno

    • Transformers Movie Allspark Leader Collection
    o Wingblade
    o Jetstorm

    • Transformers Blasters
    o Ratchet Blaster
    o Bumblebee Blaster

    • Transformers Movie Beatmix Collection
    o Bumblebee
    Box 9

    • Transformers Puzzle Collection
    o 3D Puzzle
    o Puzzles x 7
    o Card Game
    • Transformers Advent Calendars
    o Movie
    o Revenge of the Fallen
    Box 10

    • Transformers Movie Games Collection
    o Chess
    o Risk
    o Robot Fighters

    • Transformers Movie Deluxe Collection
    o Bonecrusher x2
    o Brawl x2
    o Wreckage
    o Arcee
    o Jazz
    o Final Battle Jazz
    o Jazz (G1)
    o Bumblebee (’74)
    o Bumblebee (’07)

    • Transformers Movie Premium Metallic Deluxe Collection
    o Barricade x 2
    o Jazz x 2
    o Bumblebee (’07)
    o Bumblebee (’07 Jap)

    • Transformers Movie Japanese Import Deluxe Collection
    o Arcee
    o Bumblebee (’74)
    o Bumblebee (’07)

    • Transformers Movie Video Game Characters Collection
    o Dreadwing x2
    o Longarm
    o Payload
    o Swindle

    • Transformers Movie Deluxe Collection
    o Barricade x2
    o Recon Barricade
    o Scorponok

    • Transformers Movie Preview Collection
    o Optimus Prime
    o Starscream

    • Transformers Movie Allspark Deluxe Collection
    o Big Daddy
    o Cliffjumper
    o Jolt
    o Divebomb
    o Camshaft
    o Bumblebee
    o Stealth Bumblebee
    o Crankcase
    o Grindcore
    o Fracture
    o Stockade
    o Breakaway
    o Overcast
    o Salvage
    o Bonecrusher

    • Transformers Movie Leader Collection
    o Optimus Prime (Jap)
    o Nightwatch Optimus Prime
    o Premium Metallic Optimus Prime
    o Premium Metallic Megatron
    o Megatron
    o Optimus Prime
    o Allspark Deep Desert Brawl
    o Brawl
    o Triple Pack

    • Transformers Movie T.E.C.H. Collection
    o Digital Dagger
    o Tight Shot
    o Quick Bow
    o Flash Bang
    o Autofire

    • Transformers Movie Trans-scanning Collection
    o Optimus Prime
    o Bumblebee

    • Transformers Crossovers
    o Human Torch
    o Hulk
    o Spidrman
    o Wolverine

    • Transformers Movie Allspark Turnabout Collection
    o Barricade
    o Brawl
    o Bumblebee
    o Jazz

    • Transformers Timeline Collection
    o Astrotrain

    • Transformers books
    o GI Joe v TF
    o The Movie Guide
    o Ultimate Guide
    o Steelbook DVD
    o TF Animated Sticker Album
    o TF Movie Book
    o Storm Bringer
    o Pens
    o Pencils
    o The Movie Novel
    o Ghosts of Yesterday
    o Sweets
    o Cufflinks

    Not Boxed Yet

    • Transformers Universe
    o Supreme Class G1 Edition Unicron
    o Ultra Class Silverbolt
    o Ultra Class Storm Cloud
    o Ultra Class Onslaught
    o Ultra Class Onslaught (Jap Import)
    o Ultra Class Powerglide
    o Ultra Class Powerglide (Jap Import)

    • Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
    o Ultimate Edition Bumblebee

    • Transformers Scalextric
    o Micro Transforming Scalextric Movie Edition

    • Transformers Board Games
    o G1 Edition Monopoly

    • Transformers Battle Blasters
    o Barrel Roll Starscream
    o Battle Rig Optimus Prime

    • Transformers Helmet
    o Voice Changing Optimus Prime Helmet

    • Transformers Turnarounds
    o Movie Optimus Prime
    o Movie Megatron
    o Bumblebee
    o Target U.S. only Deep Space Starscream
    o Target U.S. only Robo-vision Optimus Prime

    • Transformers Mr. Potato Head
    o Optimash Prime

    • Transformers Commemorative Series
    o Series 1 Optimus Prime
    o Series 1 Ultra Magnus
    o Series 1 Hot Rod
    o Series 2 Powermaster Optimus Prime
    o Series 3 Silverstreak
    o Series 3 Jazz
    o Series 3 Thundercracker
    o Series 4 Red Alert
    o Series 4 Skywarp
    o Series 5 Hoist
    o Series 5 Inferno
    o Series 5 Tracks
    o Series 6 Smokescreen
    o Series 6 Grapple
    o Series 7 Rodimus Prime (Slight damage to upper right corner of box, dampness from boat trip from Canada to U.K.)
    o Series 7 Dirge
    o Series 9 Ricochet with Nightstick (Targetmaster Jazz)
    o Commemorative Soundwave with 3 cassettes

    • Transformers DVD
    o Japanese G1 Collection
    o Takara Headmasters
    o Takara Super God Masterforce
    o Takara Victory

    • Transformers Binaltech
    o 01 Smokescreen
    o 02 Lambor
    o 05 Dead End
    o 06 Tracks
    o 10 Convoy

    • Transformers Cybertron Leaders
    Optimus Prime & Megatron 4 pack

    • Transformers Allspark Battles Collection
    o Jazz & Megatron
    o Ratchet & Brawl
    o Jazz & Bonecrusher
    o Cliffjumper & Barricade
    o Optimus Prime & Starscream
    o Bumblebee & Scorponok
    o Ironhide & Blackout

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