For Sale: SoC Gunbuster, TF Masterpieces and Classics

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    hey all I am selling some stuff due to an unexpected financial situation. as always I only accept paypal and ship withing the continental US. Please contact me for shipping quotes. I will not be offering holds as I also have these listed on ebay jraee26 | eBay

    All items are open and complete except where noted otherwise:

    pics: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    SoC Gunbuster GX34R MISB $140.00

    MP Hasbro Starscream SOLD

    MP Optimus Primal w/mace SOLD

    MP Hasbro Rodimus Prime in like new condition, never transformed $80

    Commemorative Series G1 Rodimus Prime - $30

    SH Figuarts Charizard - $85

    Classics/Generations figures:

    Warpath $10
    Bombshell $5
    Scoop $5
    Wreckgar $10
    OS KO Powerglide $10
    Rattrap $10
    Takara Waspinator $12
    LGEX Rhinox $35
    Voyager Springer MISB $20
    Voyager Whirl MISB $15
    Voyager Brainstorm $15
    Voyager Roadbuster $10
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