For sale masterpiece convoy, masterpiece megatron ,perfect grade rifle extension set

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    after giving it much though today i have decided that i must sell my masterpiece convoy ,asterpiece megatron and the perfect grade masterpiece megatron rifle extension set which itself completes the masterpiece megatron set

    masterpiece megatron comes with the original box and clear inner packaging as well as all the extra parts that are the energon chained mace monrning star weapon , his smaller purple gun , the litle kreemzeek figure and his energon light saber

    megatron also comes with his instructions as well
    a very minor note

    the clicking trigger for the figures gun mode no longer makes the clicking sound when the tirgger piece is moved back and forth

    also a very tiny bit of simple repair work has been done to fix the red folding panel on the inside of megatrons right lower leg

    the figure can still be properly transformed from gun t robot mode and back to gun again and the simple repair job i made to the red panel does not in any way damage the red panel part or the figure itself.

    the perfect grade megatron rifle extension set comes with all of its parts as well as the rubber bullets which it can still shoot from the 3 part shoulder harnes rifle extension parts that slides into place on the back of the gun itself. it also comes with the clear inner packaging the parts were originally set into

    but i no longer have the outer box itself

    masterpiece convoy is the first year release of the figure and as such when i bought it through bigbadtoystore the figure does not have roller or the combat deck trailer it was released with later on over the years

    masterpiece convoy comes with all of his parts including the matrix of leadership and the light up feature in the figures chest still works properly

    convoy still has his energon axe his laser cannon gun and the very small gun megatron figure that came with the set

    he does not come with the orignal box as i have lost it over time when i moved out to the country with my brother.

    a very minor note

    there is a very tiny piece spot on masterpiece convoys chest where the paint has flaked off over time but it is barely even noticeble.

    also the very small gun megatron which came with the set

    the tiny plastic tabs which attach the shoulder stock harness par to the back of the gun have become quite brittle and cracked over time but masterpiece convoy can stil lhold the gun properly in his left or right arm while in robot mode

    i want to sell masterpiece convoy, masterpiece megatron and the perfect grade masterpiece megatron rifle extension add on set for the total price of $250.00 with the cost of shipping included

    as for why i must sell them

    my friend timothy is in a rather terrible situation financially speaking

    i have known him asa honest friend for the past couple years now and with his having been layed off from his job asa general laborer back in december of last year and his having also been let go by his former employers back in june he

    has still not managed to find himself another job and as of right now he is all of two weeks away from being evicted from his apartment and kicked out onto the street

    he has no family to take him in or to help him through this situation and right now i am the only friend he's got as he is also my only friend

    consider this a act of charity for a friend on my part