Customs: FOC Prime: Alternate Arm suggestions? (Shattered Glass Optimus Custom)

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    Hey everyone,

    This guy's firmly in WIP-territory:

    I'm working on a ShatteredGlass FOC Prime with a resculpted torso, new head, etc. I really want to use different arms on this figure (shoulder-on-down). As you can see, I've done some paint work, took it apart, sanded it down - painted again - sanded it down. Ugh. Oversanding led to melted candle syndrome, and any cool, angular edges were eroded by my sanding sponge.

    At this point, I'll likely just resculpt the whole chest, minus the styrene work on the windows to match whatever arms I end up using.

    Any suggestions for TFs that have front-wheel forearms that I could appropriate for this project? I was thinking I'll have to dremmel down the shoulder and install it (with the original socket) inside whatever shoulder I end up using, so the parts don't need to be easily 'swapable'. Hell, at this point I'd even consider tank treads, as long as the arms/forearms are in-scale, and still allow for some kind of vehicle mode.


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