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    May 11, 2014
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    You might have a cluster gun, fusion cannon and rapid fire backpack at your disposal, but sometimes you just want to make it personal and use a sniper rifle.
    This baby makes sure you'll put a bullet right between the optic sensors or through a spark casing. Perfect for that "invincible" phase 6-er.

    I got this from Shapeways. It's about 30 cm long with the silencer attached. I need to modify it a bit so it fits better in Tarn's right hand, as well as add a laser pointer to it. I also like to give it a slightly longer barrel with a wide muzzle like a Barrett M107 rifle. And of course a couple of bullets.
    Just need a spotter. Thinking about my Nero Queen figure for that role.

    And yes, still need a better background for taking photo's. :) 

    20190306_183721.jpg 20190306_183741.jpg 20190306_183814.jpg
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    Mar 28, 2014
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    After a month of leaving him in a pose (holding his bazooka canon), I messed with him again and realised his left arm can no longer hold his cannons upright, and will swing down due to gravity.

    Is there a way to tighten up his shoulder joint so that he can pose well again? Kinda frustrating that his arm all of a sudden became loose (not loose loose but still). His left arm, which actually held the cannon(right hand couldn't peg in due to the way his arms were positioned) still work completely fine with perfect tightness.