Minor/Repaint: Fixing TLK Hound's Dr.Wu feet

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    Hated how easily the dr.wu feet kept popping off Hound. Found a way to make em stick for good.

    The hole inside the feet are exactly 5mm wide. I used a 5mm white rod and cut it to length of the depth of the hole.
    20200322_202234.jpg 20200322_202318.jpg

    Then i glue the inside of the hole with a tiny bit of superglue. You don't even need 1 drop, like half of one drop. The tinyest bit of superglue will hold it down with the friction of the 5mm peg.

    Then I put the feet onto the figure and see if it still sits flush
    Then I drill a 1mm hole with my dremel down the center of the 5mm rod


    I'm going to put a screw to hold the foot to the figure, but the rod is perfectly flush with the bottom of the foot so I'll need to dremel an indentation for the screw to go in so it doesn't stick out the bottom of the foot.


    Like that

    Then I put the foot against the figure's foot and drill straight through to make one straight hole
    The hole will go through the plastic, but it won't be visible when I put the feet on

    Then I screw the foot onto the figure until it's all the way in and the foot sits perfectly flush

    Both feet have been screwed in. On the foot on the right, I learned from my mistake and just didn't push the rod all the way in so I had space at the sole for the screw to sit inside without poking out.


    Now Hound will stand better instead of constantly falling over or the feet popping off. However the screws must be removed for transformation. I never transform my figures so for me this is fine.

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