By Generation: Fixing G1 Apeface's Back Kibble

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    (Nefud originally posted this inquiry here, and several members were kind enough to chime in to respond and contribute to this tutorial here. Many thanks to all of you guys! Special thanks to brr-icy for sharing these photos with us as well as giving us a good, step-by-step resource! ~Superquad7)

    First, take these screws out of the nose area:


    Then remove the pin, it's gnarled on one end, but it slides out easily:


    Then, you can remove the white area from the black. You don't have to remove the cockpit window unless you want to make it even easier - it has two pegs going into the black section.

    You are then left with this, [so] tighten this screw:


    Reeinsert the pin, put the three screws back in, and you'll be left with a working backpack:



    RoboticPlanet posts: "There's 1 or 2 screws which hold down a plastic tab should keep the backpack up. Remove the outter screws to go to these 1 or 2 important ones and tighten it/them. It's possible that they're stripped and need to be replaced with wider ones.

    I pulled mine out to get a better look, and it's more than just a tab. It's that big pink piece on the underside of the backpack which is up against a piece of plastic on the body of identical color. Tighten the one on the backpack side and you should be good.

    I took another look at mine and just remembered, you'll have to push out that big pin that holds the backpack, canopy and body together with something like a punch or a nail.

    Correct, three screws in addition to the hinge pin, that will all have to be removed to access the screw you want to tighten."

    "Not too bad. Just get it started with a nail or punch then pull it the out with some pliers. Usually these pins only want to come out on one side so it might take a little fiddling"


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