By Generation: Fixing Deluxe MechTech Weapons

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    One of the main issues most people have with the MechTech weapons is that the deluxe class weaponry contain springs and can't lock in place like the voyager and leader class [weapons] can. Luckily, all you need is a Philips or flat-head screwdriver with a really small head, and you can fix them easily. If anyone remembers the arm fix for 2007 leader Megatron, then this'll be a piece of cake.

    We'll use Crankcase's Claw Cannon as an example. Here's what it would look like without any modifications. [It’s] stuck in the first position [as] if the trigger isn't held:


    Now let's take a look at the gun itself. To modify it, you'll need to unscrew the two screws on one side of the gun (highlighted in yellow for your convenience):


    Once you have the screws out and the cover off, all you have to do is remove the spring inside (the yellow square indicates the spring's location before removal):


    After you put everything back together and put the screws back, you're pretty much done! Now, when you pull the trigger on the gun and deploy its secondary mode, it'll stay in that mode until you pull the trigger back to its original position - short, sweet and to the point. I did the same thing to Roadbuster and Skids' weapons, so it can be done for all of them:


    Mine is slightly loose in chainsaw mode, but has no problem staying in place. Make sure when you do this that you screw the screws in as tight as [possible]. The tighter the screw [is] the sturdier the weapon will be.


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