By Generation: Fix HA Barricade's Waist Articulation

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by Napjr, Dec 31, 2009.

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    For some reason, HA Barricade's waist is limited by a little piece of plastic that prevents full rotation, but thankfully its easily fixed! After playing with mine yesterday, I disassembled him and found the issue.

    All you need is either a cutter/blade or preferably, a Dremmel

    I found a gallery posted by closetrat which had the perfect image on it (borrowed for this thread)

    All you have to do is unscrew all four (4) screws on BarricadeĀ“s rear, and remove both pelvis halves. Now, [do] you see the extra plastic on the peg? Shave it! (circled in red)


    Reassemble your Barricade and voila: Full rotation!


    Its weird, but who knows, I doubt it was for keep stable the alt mode, since you hold the legs to the roof with two pegs. The friction on the waist is just fine after the mod, like the elbows for example.

    Yeah me too, although he is supposed to stand like that :) 

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