By Generation: Fix Generations Blitzwing Without Even Disassembling the Figure!

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    Hi all! I was browsing for Blitzwing fixes when I came across a different method on that user Agamemnon posted. I modified his methodology slightly and the results were great! All you need is a hair dryer and the plastic bands that came in the packaging with Blitzwing. You can use rubber bands if needed.

    Agamemnon pointed out that the problem is actually the plastic on the back that holds the arms (the same part that rotates when in tank mode). The number of and placement of the plastic bands that hold the figure to the packaging seem to cause the softer plastic part on the back to deform and bend away from the hard plastic back (the part with the chest). If you point the arms straight up, you can see the pieces connected to the shoulders/arms isn't flush with the back. It bends away from it.

    Here's what I did to fix the arms:

    I put the arms straight up and turned them in (as if transforming him). I then flipped the chest piece/cockpit all the way around and locked it in (as if transforming him). I took the turret and had it bent down as far as it would go. All of this was to keep everything I could away from the back piece the arms connect to:



    I put the hair dryer on the hottest setting and the highest airflow and directed it to each side of the back piece where the arms connect. It got very warm to the touch. I only had heat on the plastic for 10-20 seconds at a time on each side using my thumbs/fingers to test how warm it was. I used my thumbs to apply pressure to move the plastic to a flush position against the back. It seemed like it was starting to work. Then, something Agamemnon said gave me an idea.

    If the plastic bands were the cause of the plastic on the back part warping in the first place, then they can help to put it back how it should be. I took one of the bands that came in the package with Blitzwing, twisted it around once to make a smaller circle with it, and then slid it down the arms (which were turned straight up and inward), and to the a little below where the arms connect on the back. On the front, the bands are going across the bottom of the silver on the chest. There are tabs on the sides of the chest. Directly above them is where I have the bands resting:



    I left Blitzwing like this overnight. When I took the band off, I tested how the arms fit. Perfectly! The connectors slide right onto the tabs on the front of the chest. I could twist the arms around without them causing the tab to pop up and out of the shoulder. This worked for me! Give it a try!

    The first four pics show how to arrange the figure and how to place the band. You could use two bands to do each side individually if you want. The last pic is of my Blitzwing after the fix.

    I'll be more than happy to answer any questions anyone has! Thanks!


    I saw some solutions for the head not staying down. Mine stayed down the first time, but then never again. One solution I saw involves removing the spring entirely. I wonder if the spring or a switch/tab moves out of place after the first use. I doubt I could fix that issue without taking the figure apart.

    Oh wow, that's very different, too. What piece did you put in freezer?


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