Heavy/Scratch: Finally finished Pinion for Nexus Prime

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    Last but not least: Chaindrive. He was built using CW Blades as the base. All the bike parts, arms, and head came from Scrapheap.

    Paint was all done with rattle cans. Since these guys were only mentioned in Novels, and never shown anywhere, I had to take a few liberties. I’ve seen a couple of Nexus Primes made to look real similar to the TFCC version and they are too awesome. I always try to be as original as possible, or at least do something to make my work different in some way, so I decided I would go with the Aligned version. I mean it doesn’t really matter anyway since at the time they were thought up NP was still a Universal Singularity, which makes them all the same guy anyway. But in my mind he’s a mixture of the two, so I needed to find a mould that works for each team member. Unfortunately the tan looks gray in the photos.

    Pinion takes the place of Breakaway. But was a Junkion in-fiction. So, I made a Junkion combiner limb. Please let me know what you think:


    Function: Trade relations

    Group: The Thirteen

    “Work hard and fit in.”

    Strength: 8 Intelligence: 8 Speed: 7.5

    Endurance: 10 Rank: 8 Courage: 9

    Firepower: 7 Skill: 7.5

    Although he was very good at his job as a scrap trader, he never felt like he truly belonged on Junkion. Can find the parts you need, or something that he can make work out of seemingly nothing. As Junkions tend to be torn apart and rebuilt quite easily, his skills at repairing even the most horrible of wounds went widely unnoticed. Happy, and good natured, he is a natural choice to interact with other cultures, species, or trading partners. Forms any limb of Nexus Prime, though nominally, his placement is best as the right arm.

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