Favorite international portrayal of a character.

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    Example: American Kirby or Japanese Kirby?
    • I like the 90's American version of Wario more. He was potrayed as more wicked and sinister, compared to his portrayals in Japan, where he's noticeably more cruder and goofy. I like both versions, but 90's American Wario is the best Wario, and seemed like a legitimate threat, rather than being a corny anti-hero.
    • I like the American Sonic more. Due to his angry look, and grin, that just screamed badass. I like Japanese Sonic too, but he's too cutesy. I don't like however how Sonic's quills are more of a mohawk, and less rounded like the Japanese design. With Generations I don't like how, to quote a YouTuber they "Mickey Mouse-ified" Sonic. Based on how jolly he is, and has less edge to him.
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