FansToys FT-29T Quietus MIB

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    This is the T version, not the regular one.


    Anyway I have the above for $180 + shipping in ConUSA. It's never been transformed, however his right biceps swivel is somewhat loose. Not floppy, but if you put the bigger gun on the right arm, it will cause the biceps to swivel. If you don't put anything on that hand and shake him normally, he's fine, hence the reason I mentioned that it's not floppy. ALSO, there's a screw on that area, which makes me think that the looseness can be fixed by someone by opening that area and apply future. I am selling this because my collection is starting to move towards non transforming Transformers, and I already have the regular version of Quietus.

    Please contact me only if you are really interested. I am wearing a cast, so it's hard for me to go to the PO to ask for quotes. I might ask people to simply pay me 30 bucks in advance no matter where you are with a refund afterwards if it's less.

    Payment by Paypal Family and Friends.

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