By Generation: FansToys FT-28 Hydra (Masterpiece Six Shot) - Joint Fixes and Modifications

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    I picked up Fans Toys Hydra recently. It had a lot of loose joints, but I was able to fix most of the problems:

    1. Elbows and Bicep Swivel:

    Two screws later and the entire forearm assembly comes off at the bicep swivel, which gives access to the elbow joint as well:


    I applied a single layer of PTFE tape around the bicep swivel, then hit it with dielectric grease/ptfe grease to reduce the wear and tear. This significantly increases the bicep swivel tightness and prevents it from flopping around. However, I noticed some slight bulging from the extra thickness of the peg.

    I applied some PTFE grease to the elbow joint to prevent the secondary elbow joint from activating before this one. This makes the wheel on the forearm less likely to untab and come out.

    2. Thigh Swivel:

    Disassembling the thighs with 3 screws on the side lets you access the thigh swivel and the knee joint:


    I applied some PTFE grease here as I noticed the thigh swivel would "catch" on the plastic edges of the hip joint and lock up the thigh rotation. The grease stops this from happening, and the thigh swivel is still tight.

    3. Knee Ratchet Fix:

    A lot of people have complained about the knees, and it's a legitimate issue, truth to be told. There's too much weight in the calves/lower legs for the small ratchet joint Fan Ttoys used.

    Two screws allow you to disassemble the knee ratchet after you have removed them from the disassembled thigh:


    I had some silicone spacers lying around, but metal washers or anything that can fit in this confined space will work. I cut them to size, placed them around the screw post on the bottom, then reassembled the knee ratchet. The spacers compress the spring further and increase the tightness of the ratchet. Afterwards, the knees felt very good to articulate.

    I decided to not eliminate the side-to-side looseness of the knee joint, but I suspect some superglue thickening and/or floor polish thickening can help solve that.

    4. Knee Panel:

    For lack of a better term, the "knee panel" refers to the fold out panel on the side of the legs:


    One screw holds the entire panel into place and controls how tight/loose it is. I applied a single layer of PTFE tape to the screw before re-installing it, and it tightened the joint extremely well.

    5. (optional) Full Range Waist Swivel:

    This is a permanent modification to the figure and cannot be undone. However, in my opinion it was worth it and it is nearly perfectly hidden without a keen eye.

    First, take off the crotch piece by removing these two screws here (the ones sticking out from their screw holes). They are hidden underneath the back flap that normally locks in the legs in wolf mode:


    The crotch piece should now detach alongside the front skirts.

    The crotch piece interferes with the waist rotation. To remedy that issue, I used a high speed rotary tool (a Dremel) to shave down the plastic. Luckily, the plastic molding underneath the top of the crotch piece has a plastic wall that's aligned with the waist swivel:


    Shaving down the crotch with the rotary tool, then using a file and some sand paper to clean up and make the plastic sit flush, allows the waist to freely rotate. Not only does this allows this rotation, but doesn't leave behind a hole that needs to be covered. Without someone comparing two Hydras directly to each other, it's nearly impossible to see the difference.

    As a result, Hydra now has full waist rotation and can make use of that ratcheted waist swivel:


    As a side effect, he also has a better ab crunch. But it doesn't work better than before; rather, once you go past the normal limit of the crunch, it snaps fully down with no positions in between. Modifying the crunch requires removing pins that hold in the side skirts, however.

    After these 5 fixes, I'm much happier with Hydra. He can hold poses much better than before and doesn't have as much of a problem with looseness and floppiness as it did previously. 4/5 of these fixes can be done with basic supplies and a Phillips head screwdriver, so I encourage you to try these fixes for yourself.

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