Fansproject Gallop (colossus accessory fanmode)

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    Howdy all! this is my take on a Colossus mobile weapons system using only the kibble from Fansproject Colossus. I decided to build this after viewing this video. My main motive was to get the wheels/feet attached to the rest of the body.

    1. Spread dual cannons, and attach Sniper (Bruticus mode) to the female port on the "bottom" of the Gallop.

    2. Get crotchpiece. Push flaps back onto the angles, then rotate bottom points towards you. Now flip the crotch upside down, and attach he left peg to the left side of the rear cannon. This is the "engine"

    3a.Fold out both 5mm pegs on Bruticus Mode shotgun.

    3b. Get right leg on left side, and vice versa. Peg in the handle pegs into sides of foot. The side pegs should be facing back of tank/down for a sleek/flush look.

    note:you can split the shotgun for step 4, just reattach into big mode after.

    4. Open up flaps for missile pods.peg them intothe foregrips of the shotguns as shown in the pic, otherwise they don't fit. After that, peg them into the cannon.

    5. Fold other missile flaps down, and peg the finger guns into them. You're done!

    Q&A - will copy/paste all questions here to answer them.

    Q. What's with the name? A. I got the idea from the Gallop that follows Destroyer Dom around in SD Gundam Force
    Q. Does it roll? A. Barely, you might have to angle the shotgun's butt so it doesn't rub against the floor.

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