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    (As a preface to this thread, it has been pointed out that the thighs misassembled is a very common issue with Diesel. Acadian Prime is here to help everyone out with that issue! Read on! ~Superquad7)

    Hey guys, I noticed that the upper leg section on Fansproject Diesel (as I'm sure many of you have also noticed) is possibly misassembled. Look closely at the picture of the Diesel figure on the box, notice how the grey pieces molded details are showing. It's the opposite way on the toy. The upper part that connects to the waist are swapped; left leg piece assembled on the right leg and vice versa. This causes the upper part of Diesel's leg to be black instead of grey.

    Now usually a simple twist and turn of the hips fixes the problem visually for both his normal Diesel mode and his M3 combiner mode, but I found out that having the black side facing forward in M3 mode won't allow the leg to fully transform properly. Some of the molded details get in the way.

    It doesn't really cause a transformation issue as it is, even misassembled. We all just flip the hips around in Diesel mode. I used to do it myself before.

    You have to have the grey upper part facing forward in M3 mode though, the black one will not allow the knee strut to fully sit flush with the thigh.

    I did this because that's the way Fansproject intended the pieces to be assembled. It's a little more involved to do than I expected and if you strip the screws, especially the ones that attach at the hip joint, you're screwed (so to speak).

    Diesel's legs are not as easy to disassemble as I first thought, but it's doable. So for those that are interested, here's my step by step way of disassembling his legs:

    (Note: I already performed the modification when I took these pictures, so your unmodified Diesel shouldn't look like this from the start.)



    First thing to do is unscrew the screws showing in the black parts of the hip joint. This will allow you to detach the legs entirely from the waist. There's a strong spring inside this joint so be careful when you pull the parts apart:


    Once the leg is detached, unscrew the three screws in his thigh. All three screws are different, so keep track of where they were. The larger one is in the middle. The flat top one is located below the knee near the combiner joint. The other, well you can figure that one out.

    Afterwards push the pin out at the knee joint. It's a smooth pin, so pushing out from either end will work.

    Once the pin is out, carefully remove the knee joint and pull the thigh appart. You'll see the upper grey piece also has a stiff spring at the ratchet. Be careful not to have the parts fly out. At this point you can swap the upper grey parts and reassemble the legs:


    Once you've put Diesel back together, he'll match his box art pics as he was suppose to from the start:


    I've also noticed that now with the black and grey pieces switched around, the side of his truck mode flows better and the parts fit like intended:


    Hope this helps anybody thinking of doing this little leg swap.

    Now go buy Reprolabels for the Fansproject Stunticons if you haven' already. Go. Now. Thank you.

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