By Generation: Fans Toys FT-22 Koot (Masterpiece Kup) - Arm Fix

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    This modification enables the figure to have an easier transformation!

    For the record, I hate it when it comes to this. For the money we're spending, this should not be a thing. With that being said, this is an easy modification that removes some of the clearance issues from the backpack.

    Expect to spend maybe 5 minutes on this, and it only requires an X-acto/craft knife. I've been through the transformation twice since doing this, and it does not impact either mode in any way.

    What we are going to be doing is shaving off a redundant ridge of plastic from the front wheel assemblies, which will enable us to rotate out part of it and remove the clearance issues it causes.

    In the picture below, you can see the stock ridge highlighted on the left, and a part shaved one on the right:


    This ridge stops the arm on the wheel assemblies rotating more than a few degrees, but it's not used in either bot mode or alt mode. Why it's there is a mystery.

    I shaved off maybe 85% of this in the end, just by pressing the knife down and taking 3-5mm off each time.

    I'd recommend leaving at least a little of it, as it does connect at the end and will help keep that part of the plastic strong.

    Once you've taken off as much as you want, that arm now swings out a lot wider:


    The cumulative effect is that you can move this right out of the way of both the hip flap and the waist piece that need to rotate into his back for transformation. This means there are now no clearance issues and no bending of the plastic to get them past each other:


    The alt mode still tabs in as securely as ever, as this ridge is not supporting anything (just as previously stated).

    Hopefully this'll help a few people out!

    Only one person was harmed in the making of this post because he wasn't watching what the hell he was doing with it being very late and stabbed himself in the fingertip with his X-acto.
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