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    Hi! So, while I haven't seen a lot of discussion of fic on this thread (don't quote me on this/bring that up, I'm just skimming), but I had a question I needed advice on.

    So, I feel inspired by Eugenesis- James Roberts's "pre-cursor" to his stint writing MTMTE/other Transformers content. I want to write something similar in concept to this. However, I have questions for you, as a potential reader (or as a fellow writer, idrc):

    1- Where should I post this? AO3,, etc?
    2- If I wanted to apply for a writing position with Hasbro, would it be appropriate to send to them? (it would be SFW, of course)
    3- Should I put my real name on it?
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    That sounds fantastic!

    1) AO3 has a nice UI. If you stay clear of the pr0n galore, it's a great archive for stories and responsive for readers to give feedback. It's efficient and has a tag system which makes stories easier to find. Their view on copyright is "what you post is yours", and as an artist, I appreciate that. I feel if you want feedback and contact with the community, using fanfiction websites is okay to garner a following. However, if your goal is to use this story as a portfolio piece, I'd suggest maybe hosting it on your own website with your real name under the creative commons license (alternatively having it as a manuscript for the editors). A direct link to your piece without all the distracting UI of and AO3 could bring more strength to your pen-name, although you can also have it hosted simultaneously on the fanfiction website if you really want a spotlight on the piece.
    2) I have only experience with super small publishers, so I don't have valid input in that regard. I imagine you could ask Roberts on some tips? I mean, if you're seriously considering working as a script writer for TF comics, keeping in contact with those inside the company is a great way to network and learn the right steps for submission. I know IDW don't accept unsolicited manuscripts, so I assume Hasbro may be like that.
    3) If it's fanfiction, you may or may not. It's your choice, really. I suggest real name if it's a piece for your portfolio.

    I still feel that contacting someone in the field, like Roberts, would yield more information on what Hasbro/IDW expects of prospect writers.

    Hope to read your story one day.
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